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Wed., May 10, 8 pm
"Understanding the Silent Flight of Owls"
Justin Jaworski, Ph.D.


"Understanding the Silent Flight of Owls" at Audubon program May 10

(Please note: Our raven program speaker unfortunately had to cancel. We have managed to rebook the speaker originally scheduled for April.)

Eastern Screech OwlAssistant Professor Justin W.Jaworski, Ph.D of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, will present "Understanding the Silent Flight of Owls" at the April meeting of the Monmouth County Audubon Society, Wednesday, April 12, at 8:00 pm. the public is welcome; admission is free.

Many owl species rely on specialized plumage to suppress the noise generated by their wings in flight, which enables them to sneak up on their prey in complete acoustic stealth. Now, 80 years since these unique plumage attributes were identified, a satisfactory explanation for exactly how these attributes reduce noise remains elusive. In Professor Justin Jaworski's presentation, he will discuss recent research into how sound is produced and eliminated by owl wings, and how an understanding of the physics behind the owl's stealth can impact commercial and military applications, ranging from aircraft to wind turbines to underwater vehicles.

The program's presenter, Professor Justin W. Jaworski, earned his doctorate, master's and bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and material science from Duke University. Before joining the mechanical engineering and mechanics faculty at Lehigh University in 2013, Professor Jaworski was an NSF International research fellow at the University of Cambridge, and he was also a college research associate of applied mathematics for Magdalene College. His research investigates natural and aerospace phenomena involving a dynamic interaction between fluid flows and structural movement. This occurs in a wide ranging variety of topics, from snoring, to the stability of flexible wings and wind turbine blades, to the silent flight of owls. The program promises to be interesting and informative.


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