MCAS answers the call from local environmentalists
on Atlantic City's feral cat dilemma

We were contacted at the end of June and asked for help. The beaches of Atlantic City are home to over 300 feral cats. These cats are actually being FED by the local Humane Society, which encourages the cats to stay here and continue to multiply, thereby endangering shorebirds and small mammals and causing health concerns because of their waste.

Local activists have filed a lawsuit in municipal court in Atlantic City to attempt to stop the Humane Society from feeding the cats. It is hoped that the health hazards caused by the cats, and the danger to shorebirds and small animals, will be reduced once the cats disperse.

MCAS submitted an affidavit to the Municipal Court of Atlantic City with information from the Cats Indoors! campaign, to educate the court on the hazards of feral cat colonies.

The case, which was to come to trial in mid-July, was postponed due in part to the volume of information submitted to the court on the subject.

We will keep you up to date on the outcome of this case.


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